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Trying to Figure out Your Life?

Let's be honest: life can be so confusing. Why are we here? What are we suppose to do with our life? Does it even matter if I do anything with my life? Maybe I should let life happen? No, Maybe I need to take control of my life. Or Maybe, just Maybe, I need check-out of life.

You are not alone. Literally millions of people battle these same questions everyday. And the millions look for answers in the "self-improvement" best-sellers such as "10 Ways to a Happier Life" (fictitious) - all well meaning books but I have found their "solutions" often leave us thirsting for something more.

Let me be honest: no hidden agendas, no slick acts on this site. I simply want you to consider exploring your answers, not by looking inside, but looking outside: to God. You'll be surprised by what He has to say...


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